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Tahona-ground blancos- tequila review (episode 110)

TahonaEdit 01 from Lippy on Vimeo.

EVERYBODY must get STONED! Turn your tequila clock back a hundred years or more and you’d find that all of the distilleries in Mexico were using a giant volcanic grinding stone (the TAHONA) to extract the juice from their cooked agave plants. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find that less than 1% of the distilleries are still producing their tequila using this age old technique. But does it make any difference to the TASTE? Join Lippy & “Senior” Rick Mendell as they BLIND TASTE 8 (!) blancos which were created completely (or mostly) with Tahona-ground agaves. (more…)

Luna Nueva 2012 – silver, reposado, anejo tequila review (episode 109)

LunaEdit 05 from Lippy on Vimeo.

It’s the (Mayan) End of the World as we know it, and your TEQUILA WHISPERER is feeling fine because he’s got a Man-Cave loaded with fabulous tequilas and some of the best BEEF JERKY in the USA! (more…)

Monterey Tequila Expo: Best Medal Winners (episode 108) tequila review

Monterey Tequila Expo from Lippy on Vimeo.

(sung to the tune of ‘San Francisco’) “If you’re going, to Mon-Te-Rey: Be sure to briiiiiing a caballito in your hand..”  Yep, Th’ Lip is taking you down the fog-shrouded California coast to taste featured brands from the 2012 Monterey Tequila & Mezcal Expo! Come on along and bring your favorite (BIG) tasting vessel.  Sip along as we review Azul Imperial, Mi Casa, Alderete, and Don Elias tequilas. (more…)

Best Bloody Mary Mix (episode 107) tequila review

Which is the BEST Bloody Maria Mix?

If there’s one thing Th’ Lip likes almost as much as sipping TEQUILA, it’s sipping some cocktails for which someone ELSE had to do all the work! Enter Grover Sanschagrin, fresh off the plane from a 2 year Mexican Odyssey of living in tequila country! He was hankerin’ for a damned good “Bloody Maria”, so he called your Tequila Whisperer post-haste & we set up a few cameras then proceeded to get SERIOUS about which bargain bottle of “Bloody Maria” mix was the best. We think you’ll be amazed, amused, and slightly abused by the proceedings!


Tequila Matchmaker app (episode 106) tequila review

G&SEdit 01 01 from Lippy on Vimeo.

Would you drop everything to pack up and spend 2 years in Tequila, MX?
Think hard about that proposition, friends.  Because Lippy’s guests on this episode were ScarletGrover Sanschagrin of  Two years ago this intrepid couple sold everything in their San Francisco apartment and moved to the heart of the tequila-producing region of Jalisco, MX.  They didn’t move for their work, they moved to get closer to the CORE of their passion: TEQUILA!


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