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Gran Dovejo – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 96)

Take a ride down to the Mexican Highlands with your TEQUILA WHISPERER.  He unlocks the mysteries of champagne yeast, superstar Master Distillers, and the functionality of playing classical music to stimulate alcohol production!  It’s like “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, but with TEQUILA!


Excellia – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 95)

It’s an evening of Tequilamania, but you don’t have to be a screaming 12 year-old British girl, throw “jelly babies”, or chase after a bullet-proof limo!  On this episode, Lippy tastes the new brand, Excellia, which boasts being aged in both Sauternes and Cognac casks!  Will this be a fruitful wood partnership (a’la Lennon-McCartney)?  Or will it be a raging battle of two very different personality types that ultimately don’t play well together (a’la Lennon-McCartney)?  Watch & See!


D Los Altos – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 94)

Welcome to the twisted tangle of emotions which define Lippy in his most private, disappointed moments.  After tasting the current D Los Altos, your Tequila Whisperer cracks open a comparative Treasure Bottle of old D Los Altos blanco with VERY disappointing results.  This episode is distinctly NOT for the faint of heart, or those with sensitive hearing!


Treasure Bottles: Last Sips (episode 93) tequila review

Th’ Lip is up to his NIPPLES in tequila bottles.  The Man-Cave is becoming an obstacle course with half-empty bottles strewn about the floor and on every other flat surface.  What is a Tequila Whisperer to do?  How about inviting a good Buddy over to help drink the dregs of a MILLION bottles? Done and Done!


Carlos Camarena- Master Distiller, El Tesoro- blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 92)

On this very special edition of The Tequila Whisperer Show, Lippy sits down with Carlos Camarena, Master Distiller of El Tesoro, Tapatio, Ocho, Excellia and more! Unable to stop grinning the entire time, Th’ Lip fulfills a personal goal of hosting Sr. Camarena in the Man-Cave.


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