Archive - May, 2011

Don Cuco Sotol – Traditional, Suave, reposado, sotol review (episode 80)

Saddle up your yapping dog and take a trip with Th’ Lip down to the wilds of the Chihuahuan desert in Northern Mexico!  Here in the dry dustiness of the flavorful scrub country we’ll find the SOTOL plant growing wild and abundant.  And in the Man-Cave of Northern California you’ll find Lippy pouring Don Cuco Sotol wildly and with great abandon!


Blind Tasting: Six Anejos Fom The Same Distillery (episode 79) tequila review

In this soggy episode, Th’ Lip attempts to rank (and even identify!) 6 different anejos and extra-anejos from the same distillery (NOM 1472).  It’s’ a BLIND TASTING and your TEQUILA WHISPERER is looking to see if these 6 different brands are simply the same juice in different bottles.


Ron Cooper: Del Maguey mezcals – all villages – mezcal review (episode 78)

Good Day, Class!  Open your Mexican Culture textbooks to the MEZCAL chapter. Today we begin our GRADUATE COURSE on mezcal production, culture, and lore.  Presenting today’s Guest Speaker; Ron Cooper of Del Maguey Single Village Mezcals!