Archive - December, 2011

Tequila Ocho – extra anejo, “El Puertecito” 2011 plata, blanco tequila review (episode 104)

Are you ready to get cerebral, emotional, and HORIZONTAL? Tomas Estes has come to town with his newest vintages of Tequila Ocho in tow. Prepare to have deep philosophical ruminations about the nature of tequila production. Do you have a notebook handy? The Master Class is in session!


Tequila + Potato Chips (episode 103) tequila review

Turn up the volume, pour yourself something really GOOD, and open up your favorite bag of potato chips, because this Tequila Whisperer episode presents to you perhaps the greatest chips in the USA!


Leslie Sbrocco – Chocolate + Tequila Pairings tequila review (episode 102)

What do you get when you pair gourmet tequila with decadent “Intense Dark” chocolate from Ghirardelli? And what do you get when you pair your Tequila Whisperer with wine goddess and Thirsty Girl founder, Leslie Sbrocco? One helluva rollicking, DOUBLE-pairing mashup!