Arette Suave blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 45) tequila review

Wedding bells are pouring for that ol’ gang of mine!  Th’ Lip was all set to hunker down and do a solo tasting of the fantastic new “Arette Suave” re-releases, when MRS. LIPPY ( ) decided to pad down to the Man-Cave and join in the fun!  It’s a love-fest filled with gorgeous gams and saucy Suaves!

Sip along with the Lippys as they work their way through all three ages of this newly re-packaged fan favorite: Arette Artesanal Suave.  These “top shelf” varieties of the basic Arette line feature hand-chosen agaves, a tighter “cut” on the heads & tails of the distillate, and a special “solera-like” blending and aging method.  Be prepared to take notes and take sips because this is one Love-In you don’t want to miss!



NOM: 1109



The Arette Artesanal Suave line features fruity-sweet flavor notes up and down the line.  The tighter cut of the distillate ensures less acetone flavors and puts an emphasis on a mid-palate wash of mint, pepper, and of course those fruity tastes of ripe apple and plum.  If you’re looking for “smooth” and fruity, this is your bountiful basket of tequila.  Lippy was partial to the blanco overall because it had the most agave presence, and felt that the addition of wood and vanilla started to overtake the complexity and balance as the Suaves moved up the line into the repo and anejo.  Look for a “Juicy Fruit” note in the repo’s high mid-palate and enjoy the entire line!

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“Cinnamon Girl” – Neil Young
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“Danger Bird” (Live) – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
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5 thoughts on “Arette Suave blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 45) tequila review”

  1. hey lip i know you know jaun mesa i was wondering if you conctact him for me since he lives in salinas rachel told me he bought a lot el tesoro 70th anv. want to see if he trade me some or sell me some.

  2. Mr Lippy,

    Have you tried the Arette Unique repo? My local Liquor Mart carries the Unique repo, but no other Arette products. It’s $40 per 375ml bottle, which is obviously quite steep. Wondering if I should pull the trigger or look elsewhere. Last week I picked up a bottle of Paradiso for $80, which I’m quite enjoying.

  3. Hey Lippy- As you can see I am catching up on your older shows, better late than never huh?? – Great Watch- loved the arette stuff,as I like the blanco, but may have to buy the suave after watching this. You taught me about heads and tails, as you explained it in an easy to understand way, and it was interesting hearing about the solara mixing as well as the single barrel opposed to the blends you were drinking. All interesting things I have wondered about. VERY informative show. LOVE IT!!! It Was also fun to see Mrs.Lippy- Great Interaction. Are you on weekly?? as I work nights(can’t watch)but am on vacation soon. Long Island Lou

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