Don Fulano – blancos, reposado, anejo, Imperial, tequila review (episode 83)

Are you ready to taste a Modern-Day classic?  Then hitch up yer “git-along” and take a spicy hot ride through the Tequila Valley on the back of one truly SOLID brand, Don Fulano.

Th’ Lip steps back, adjusts his belt (belly), and looks this mighty brand straight in the eye – kinda like a gunfight in the old West.  Don Fulano was one of the first “gourmet” brands to ride into town on the initial wave of tequila goodness that started around the Millennium. Now 10 years down the line, how does this brand hold up to the scrutiny that is the TEQUILA WHISPERER?  Watch and see!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1146



From the hewn hand-blown glass bottles (with gorgeous “color fades”) to the hand-crafted juice contained within, Don Fulano is a brand that demonstrates a commitment to quality throughout the product line.  This is one of the flagship brands from the large NOM 1146 distillery located right in the heart of the town of Tequila.  Your Tequila Whisperer has actually visited this distillery and has seen the massive column still where Don Fulano is made.

The blanco is wild combination of heat and spice with full rich notes of caramelized agave.  The nose brings a touch of olive brine and mint, and the mouth feel is wonderfully oily and crisp. The “Fuerte” variant of the blanco (at 100-proof!) features the same flavor components as the 80-proof blanco, but brings forth even more green agave along with the expected extra spiky alcohol heat.  This over-proofed blanco is an excellent choice for mixing with a small amount of lime and just a touch of agave nectar to make a superb Margarita!

The reposado continues most of the flavor notes and feel of the blanco while adding a more floral nose that reminded Th’ Lip of an old girlfriend(!)  The French Oak barrels used in aging add some cherry and a hint of chocolate to the taste combinations.

The anejo is aged close to 3 years in new and used French Oak barrels making this an almost “Extra Anejo” Lippy found a true promise fulfilled in the anejo as the fudgy flavors of the barrel played side by side with the rich agave and honey notes (still present and available in the 3-year!).  Quite a feat.  The Imperial, aged 5 years in new French Oak barrels, took a turn on the flavor highway.   It presented what Th’ Lip calls, “cologne spice” to the flavor play.  This additional flavor was quite masterfully held in check by the added notes of cinnamon and almond.  Overall a very pleasing combination of “tequila dessert”!


DON FULANO Fuerte Blanco, Anejo, Imperial

Harvesting the agaves for Don Fulano at NOM 1146

FLAVOR Profiles for DON FULANO anejo (out of a possible 4 points)

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  1. Thank you for the compliment, erock! Keep watching — I’m going to be doing an entire Dylan-influenced TEQUILA show in the future!

  2. Just got the fuerte tonight at mikes in sf. Gonna taste it soon. Another purchase after watching the show. (that 2011 australian ocho will jopefully be the next)

    Praise to lip!

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