Bargain Battle 3: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Azul reposado (episode 23) tequila review

On this special, “Great Recession” episode, th’ Lip continues his quest for the BEST bargain bottles for your hard-earned Depression cash.  This week he pits the current champ, “El Ultimo Agave” reposado against Gran Centenario’s “Azul” reposado.  Both bottles hover around the $16 dollar mark.

That’s a good price for a “puro” (100% agave) tequila.  But if the juice is undrinkable what’s the point?  Watch the Show and see if “EUA” can defend his crown against this massively-marketed newcomer.  But wait!!  What’s that??!??  Lippy has pulled out an older TREASURE BOTTLE of “EUA” repo from its ORIGINAL distillery! OMG!  How does the current juice compare with this widely-acclaimed “dusty bottle”?  Watch and see!


BRAND: El Ultimo Agave

NOM: 1522

AGAVE SOURCE: Midlands, Tequila MX.


“EUA” repo has a fast-sweet attack that is pleasurable if not especially singular.  Look for VERY fruity notes in the mid-palate with a soft and heated finish that is basically respectable but not especially noteworthy.  What’s mostly lacking in the flavor profile is a discernible AGAVE presence.  And that’s too bad.

FLAVOR Profiles (out of a possible 4 points)

Music Picks For This Show:

“Making Flippy Floppy” – Talking Heads

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“Hard Time Killin’ Floor” – Alice Stuart And The Formerlys

[audio:|titles=Hard Time Killin’ Floor]

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  1. You need to post the after whisperer club. Some great education but my room mate was babbling in my ear so I couldn’t paytension. Great show but the good part came late.

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